There’s nothing wrong with not knowing whether you want kidsunless it’s making you feel like crap. 

That’s why I work with smart, married women, like you, who find themselves thinking I don’t know if I want kids. The only problem is they feel pressured to decide soon, they’re obsessing over what everyone else wants, and they feel like something’s wrong with them for having mixed feelings about cute little babies.

Together, we apply powerful decision-making tools to their lives to help them get perspective, feel better and make a decision they love—so that they can move forward with kickass relationships, exciting plans and a life they adore.

“I would absolutely recommend the mini coaching session to anybody in the middle of a difficult decision. I wish that I had found this resource earlier on in my own process. I believe it would have made the decision quicker and easier than it was for me. … The mini-coaching session was a game changer for me.”

—Tamra, mathematician, Los Alamos, NM

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Move-Forward Mini Session

Join me for a FREE 30-minute coaching session. It’s as simple as hopping on the phone so we can dive into what’s keeping you stuck in painful indecision. I’ll also share with you the options available to you if you choose to keep working with me, and we’ll chat about whether we’re a great fit for each other.

During our Move-Forward Mini Session, you will:

  • Understand the exact reason you feel the way you do about the baby decision
  • Gain at least one tip or tool you can try out right away to feel better
  • Learn about the process I take clients through to help them work through complicated feelings, find solid insight into what they truly want and make a decision they love

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You might be wondering…

Is this actually free?

Is she just going to try to sell me stuff?

Is she going to waste my time?

Won’t it be weird talking about personal stuff to a coach on the phone?

I hear you. (That’s exactly what I would be thinking.) And here are my honest answers to you:

Yes, it is absolutely free.

No, the point is not just to sell you something. The Move-Forward Mini Session is beneficial to you and me both. You get some free help, I get the honor of being your coach for half an hour, and we both get to determine whether we’re a good fit for future adventures together.

No, I will not waste your time. I’m a Certified Life Coach and will always do my best to ensure that our time together is beneficial to you.

Yes, it might be weird at firstthings felt a little awkward the first time I worked with a life coach. And to that I say, so what? Let’s just plan on it being a little weird at first and have fun anyway. I promise you this is a safe space where you can share whatever you want, and I can help you see your life from an unbiased perspective.

If you’re torn over whether you want kids, you owe it to yourself to find your own answers. Take that first step and join me for a free mini session—my gift to you. I’m here for you, and I can’t wait to meet you!

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