BABIES. Touchy subject? I hear you.

was you.

For years I felt the pressure. Obsessed over what everyone else wanted. Stayed stuck in indecision.

I had a wonderful marriage. Why couldn’t I just be normal and hop on the baby train?

I fancied myself an independent woman. Why couldn’t I just decide once and for all that I never wanted kids?

I’d made plenty of important decisions in my life. Why was deciding to have a baby or not such an issue for me?

After I found the tools taught at The Life Coach School, I realized something:

Our ability in this day and age to make the conscious, life-altering decision to have or not to have children is a beautiful thing.

So when a smart, married woman is completely torn over whether she wants kids, she owes it to herself to do the hard work of finding her own answers.

And that’s what I did. I made a decision I feel great about. No more feeling badly about what I want. No more feeling pressured when people ask me about having kids. I’m finally at peace with the whole subject. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. [Read more about my story over at MindBodyGreen.]

That’s why I’m committed to helping you find your own answers.

That’s why I’m your coach.

I love working with women like you because I remember how alone and desperate I felt when I was going through the same painful uncertainty about motherhood. And I remember how badly I wanted an unbiased person to help me.

I love that you’re ready to talk about things that matter. To put an end to needless suffering. To witness your own life evolving in ways you never thought possible.

And I’m thrilled that I’ve developed a program that will absolutely give you everything you need to work through complicated feelings, find solid insight into what you truly want and apply powerful decision-making tools to your life.

I have a BA in English and communications, and I’m a Certified Life Coach. I work with clients for 6 weeks by phone, which is perfect because we’re able to make a close connection without having to be in the same room, town or country. I also help my clients via email in between phone sessions. All of that’s to say: I’m here for you.

Join me for a free mini sessionmy gift to youfor some quick relief. It’s as simple as hopping on the phone so we can dive into what’s keeping you stuck in painful indecision. You’ll gain at least one tip or tool you can try out right away to feel better. I’ll also share with you the options available to you if you choose to keep working with me, and together we’ll figure out whether we’re a great fit.

Or, if you prefer to send me a message, feel free.